Monday, June 24, 2013

Bali goodness.

I know alot of people think facebook is not a good thing, but I have to admit to really quite liking it. I can contact my clients through it, send pictures and generally just catch up on what everyones up to. Occasionally, it can throw up some real pearls too! Like this......
I just happened to 'like' Mister Zimi as I bought a little something there and they have a great aesthetic. (and beautiful Turkish rugs.....) The very next day, this popped up on my news feed. 

It seems that Mister Zimi (or possibly Mrs.) has a villa in Bali and the picture above would be of the living area! And if you thought that finally you could buy otomi wallpaper, then you would be mistaken as someone has painstakingly hand painted every bit of that beautiful bright wall mural.
Here is one of the 2 bedrooms.....

The most amazing thing is that this place is for rent! I have never been to Bali and seriously never wanted to go....I may need to reconsider! 

Look up Mister Zimi's facebook page for more details, oh and don't forget to have a look at their clothes too!! 
Did I mention $190 per night? 
It is freezing cold here - am waiting for the fog to clear so I can go for a walk. (it's 10.30 am and still no sign of the sun, Bali is looking better and better)

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Some cushions.

So, my sister pointed out that my last blog post was on the 16th May!!! What's my excuse? Nothing really but life and work itself, oh, and perhaps a very busy toddler who has managed to kill our goldfish, draw on my good shoes and in the process ruin them and squeeze every tube she comes into contact with until it is satisfyingly empty. ( and that's just on one week....) 
I did take delivery of some cushions for a lovely client today however so in an attempt to win you back and apologize for my absence, I thought I would share them with you. 

They cheer me no end. 
They are bright and beautiful and will look fantastic in situ. I can't wait to deliver them this week. 
Sorry if I have made my toddler out to be some sort possessed child, she really does make us laugh but I could do with a bit less of the associated mess.  ; ) 

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Thursday, May 16, 2013


I was going through all my photos on my phone looking for one in particular, when I came across this one. It is a bedroom I am doing for one of my clients and it is taking shape rather nicely.

It is 100% pure glamour - so nice to have at the end of a busy day don't you think? A buttoned velvet bedhead in the most stunning blue set against the backdrop of amazing Florence Broadhurst wallpaper. 
It couldn't get any more luxurious! 

This is how it all started out.......

We still have a bit to go however the curtains are being installed this week. You knowhow it works.......  'good things take time' ! 

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Monday, May 13, 2013

A Reminder.

Here a a few images which have arrived in my in box this morning reminding me why I love fabrics and wallpaper so much.  

I always seems to get inspired from all the emails I receive from the various fabric houses. 
What's inspiring you this morning? I must say that a little rain after the hottest and driest May in many many years has helped too!  

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Wow and a warning.

So, just a quick recap on the much talked about ultimate American retail experience newly arrived to our shores.  
Of course, I'm talking Williams Sonoma, West Elm, Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids. 
I am not sure where to start but safe to say that the whole day was one of sensory overload. You know how it goes, your head is spinning around trying to take in every detail whilst listening to the lovely experts tell us how it all works. Ears, eyes, touch and even smell all working overtime. 
A-M and Melinda have already done a glorious job re - hashing their experience so I won't take you through it again with the same photos. Funnily enough, I didn't even bump into these girls as we were in different groups and all was perfectly scheduled and timed. Just the right amount in each tour, gathering people from all different interests. I had some 'foodies' from Gourmet Traveller and Delicious in my group who were well and truly blown away by the whole concept.

Here's a quick snap of the amazing lunch we were served. 

So, home I went armed with bags from each store and also a wonderful complimentary gift. 

Oh yes - I forgot to tell you  - I bought a house! 


I have always wanted my own American Cape ; )

The take home message from my wonderful day out? 

Be afraid, be very afraid. If you are in retail and are not offering your customers the best service, fit out, stock, ambience and price points, then this warning is for you. 
The WS, WE and PB affiliation is hoping to roll out across the country in the next 18 months and will change the face of the Australian home ware industry. 
I for one, am excited! 

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Changing Landscape.....

Since we all started blogging, in my case several years ago, we have seen changes at every turn. I started to blog to document the things I love, ideas and interesting innovations. I also am the first to admit that I thought blogging would improve my business prospects too. It certainly did that - I have done jobs for clients all over Australia and even several in the US. That is pretty much the beauty of the from any where you like and tap in to the resources available to you. Along the way, you meet fantastic supportive like minded bloggers who are always will to help. 
You may have noticed I don't blog as often as I do. That's mainly due to a couple of things - time restrictions and the want to give you original images that haven't already saturated blog land. I also don't post my work, once again due to wanting to keep my work close to me and my clients. 
It's not an exageration to say that today, almost everyone blogs about something. Blogging has given alot of people (me included!) the springboard to the next step of a career and more recently the impetus   to open an on line shop. (me excluded!) Is it just me or is does every one seem to be opening an online shop?  : )  

Anyway, the point of all this chatter is that with the arrival of West Elm to Australia, the landscape is about to change again. Obviously for the better! The Americans (sorry to bundle you all into one group) do it soooo well. Beautiful quality sheets, towels and napery, superior furniture and lighting and  unbelievable soft furnishings and accessories, rugs and fabrics. 
I don't know about you but I can't wait to see whats on offer and run my hands over all those beautiful products! In a way, it's just what we have been missing here - a store supplying the lot in terms of home design. I think a change like this will be felt most keenly by wholesalers and even designers. What do you think? 
West Elm puts the consumer well and truly in the driving seat so hang on the for ride everyone - I think it will be fun! 
I would love to hear what you think too - agree or agree to differ? Let me know! 

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Monday, April 22, 2013

It's here.

Well, that may be just a slight exaggeration as the rain we have all been waiting for hasn't really shown itself in full force. We've had a bit of drizzle -  just enought to dampen down the dust and give everything a grey wintery hue. I have the fires lit anyway, 'cos without the natural glow of an open fire this house just has no ambience on a day liket today. 
And what was my first thought after lighting the fires? Colour - yes, thats right! I need to add a bit of colour into the sitting room to prepare it for a long dull winter. 

I was inspired by this.........

and this......

I think that Moroccan Baboosh slippers would be rather uncomfortalbe to lean back on on a sofa so I will research the cushion option instead.      

Here's a selection of cushions I may or may not have ordered to chase away the Winter blues! 

; ) 

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