Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pool time.

The temperature is set to rise over the next few days and we are in for a hot NYE. One of these is on my wish list for 2010.

What do you think? This one.....

a round pool could be fun too....(especially with that amazing red and white awning and chair cushions)

something with a more formal setting and a to die for pool house,

or this one, which may just come with its own Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson!! ????

They all look pretty cool to me.


A-M said...

Oh the first one! I'm a sucker for a pool house... and see that last image?.. that was the inspiration image for my back terrace elevation, looking back from the pool. When we put our inside lights on, our place looks very similar to that image. I am so chuffed. I sit there at night with my hands in the air yelling "doesn't it look like the somethings gotta give picture"...... "yes Mum, get over it"... they yell back! I just need a good camera to capture it! A-M xx

Kelly Green said...

A-M your pool and pool house rocks! I should have included it here as it really looks amazing. Congrats. to you both - I bet you love sitting out there and just sigh with contentment at your achievement! KG

sarah said...

love them all!

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