Thursday, June 24, 2010

We have a winner.........

You know that I hate having horrible things like a random number generator on my blog so I have sandwiched it between two beautiful pictures via Mary, 
who is always my 'go to' for anything pretty and clever.  

Congratualtions number 29! (he he...........yes, you do have a name, I am just keeping you in suspense!) Hope I have counted correctly 'cos it would be very embarrasing if I hadn't, but by my calculations.......the winner is............Anna. Yes you......... Anna. I hope you love this little beauty of a rug and make sure you let us know where you put it!!! We wants pics, the lot! Very green (kelly green..) with envy but know you will love it! Just to remind you of how lucky you are...........
  Here is your prize! 
A huge thank you to all those who entered and became followers, I promise to have another lot of goodies for you soon. ( thank you for all the advice on the lamps too.....)
And for the record, here's a small sample of why I couldn't multi task this morning.


Anna said...


Just to see my name..I was funny if it were me...and not another Anna..because I am not a lucky person when it comes to I dont ever get excited.

WOOT WHOO...thank you so much darling Kelly for holding such a fab giveaway...and I am already thinking of where this little beauty is going to go...they just work so well in any room...Oh Yippeeee

I will be sure to post pics of where my little zebra rugs finds a home.

Thank you so very very much XO

Mariska Meijers said...

Hey Anna, another iten to play around with in your house. Really looking forward to seeing your next rearranging stint! xox

Danielle Oakey Interiors said...

lucky girl!

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