Sunday, January 31, 2010

Off to Sydney

I will be in Sydney this week at the Decoration + Design fair. Stay tuned though, as I will be sure to keep you updated with all the latest finds and my favourite Sydney haunts!

Sunday shade!

The perfect place to ponder and procrastinate me thinks...........

Saturday, January 30, 2010

We have a winner.........

Eddie and Jaithan - congratulations to you and your hardworking team on the best window in THE BIG WINDOW CHALLENGE !

Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday fabrics

AHHHH - I have just mucked up a post I had already prepared, am tired and it's almost the end of a busy week. So, to finish the day on a good note, here are three fabrics I have recently specified for a client to use! Which do you prefer?  School goes back on Monday and  another crazy week ahead!
See you then.......

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Marvelous Mini Marvin!

Are you hooked? This amazing space of under 300 square feet was decorated by the oh so clever Ron Marvin.
Ron's apartment situated in an old hotel, is teeny tiny but big on style and flair. The use of panelling, mirrors and plenty of lamps and accessories go to prove that more is not always less. (does that make sense?? ) I meant to say that Ron has done a wonderful job of putting a whole lot of interest into his room without making the space feel cluttered. Have a look at the floorplan........

He has nailed this tight space wouldn't you say? Perfectly masculine, with a touch of aqua and a pop of is, well...... perfectly proportioned perfection!
See the full range of marvelous Ron Marvin's talents here.

Sorry to hassle you, but this is the LAST DAY you can cast your vote for EDDIE AND JAITHAN, so go for it. (top right in case you forgot....thanks!)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All hail the headboard!

sorry - source unknown

via Apartment Therapy

Two very clever adaptations to the usual headboard. The top one makes me swoon with delight! Both rooms have that oriental touch and look sooo inviting.

PS  - Don't forget to vote for Eddie and Jaithan, click the link on the top right!! (only until the 28th so hurry)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Green Australia Day?

It is amazing how I can be distracted, even by the teeniest, tiniest bathroom. That's right, I went searching for beautiful images for Australia day today, and what do I come up with? Gorgeous, green bathrooms. Go figure.....! It is just so hard to keep this gal on the straight and narrow, especially when it comes to rooms this stunning. ( all in Kelly green too, or a variation of ) Enjoy..........

 Kelly Wearstler

Kate Spade

Greg Natale
Ah ha! Greg Natale is an Aussie. See, it wasn't so hard to connect all this together! See more of his work here.
And here......

And for the purists......Happy Australia Day! 

Monday, January 25, 2010

Eddies Needs You!

For those of you reading blogs regularly (who - me??), you will be familiar with the current challenge being played out at Apartment Therapy. To cut to the chase, there are three designers and three rooms. The designers have each put together a room on display at Bloomingdales in NYC and voting is underway to single out the best room. My favourite creator of all things stylish and also delicious, Eddie Ross and his very talented partner Jaithan, have put together a room after my own heart.   Aimed at the busy working woman (tick) with two children (tick) who leads a very glamorous life (cough) this super stylish space just has to win! Put together in conjunction with Elle Decor, Eddie's room is way ahead of the other two in all aspects. It is fun, yet practical, colourful but not overly so and oh so chic! Eddie and Jaithan need your vote however to pip the post so get online and do it now!!!!!! CLICK HERE  for the details but don't delay!!
Here's a peak at what they have done.

that splatter wallpaper - too good!

I am more of a ballet flats girl myself....

superb styling as always, Mr. Ross.

Go online to vote by clicking the picture at the top on the right hand side.
Good luck Eddie and Jaithan!


Monday Makeovers - from fashion to fantastic!

Shhhhhhhh, a rumour.............

sssshhhhh, I heard on the grapevine via a little birdy that Stuart Membery is bringing his divine range of furniture and accessories to Australia. Well - it is only actually a rumour, but an exciting one nonetheless.  For those of you (I should say us....!) in a certain age bracket ( ie late 30's early 40's) you we will no doubt remember him for his fashion, and fantastic slightly Boy Georgish, ad campaigns. I know I grew up on big belts and shoulder pads with a touch of tartan thrown in. To have a Stuart Membery item in your wardrobe was a must and most definitely fashion forward! Scroll forward a decade or two and you will find Mr. Membery has been using his abundant creative talents in the field of design and architecture in Bali.
To say his pieces are good would be an understatement...............Here's a teaser but don't say you heard it from me. Mum's the word - ok?

Anna over at Absolutely Beautiful Things  recently visited Indonesia to see his wares first hand.
Fingers crossed that the rumour becomes a reality - I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Washing and Wallpaper

This is where I will be spending most of the day is a beautiful day and the breeze will dry everything in no time at all. I have plenty to do to catch up from being away. Wish me luck!

Unfortunately, this is not actually my laundry. It came from here . It would be fun to have a wallpaper in here though, wouldn't it?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Whoops! Dining with Cupcakes....

How could I forget Sharnel's gorgeous dining room in Imperial Trellis? I can of course only speak for myself, but  I would be more than happy to dine in here anytime.

(and designed by the talented Anna from ABT) 

As well as owning this stunning dining room, have a look at what Sharnel can do with the humble 4th birthday party.

Beats 'hundreds and thousands' on bread and saveloys, doesn't it????!
Can you come and organize a soiree for me - pretty please?
See the full splendid details here.   

Turns out Sharnel is the creative and talented owner of The Cupcake Company . Is there any end to the amount of clever blogging people.......? Make absolutely sure you don't throw a party with out a selection of these beauties.......


You can even enroll for a cupcake class......hurry to book for 2010!
Looks like lots of fun to if only I lived in Brisbane.
Happy Weekend.

Friday fabrics - Imperial Trellis

So I am still surrounded by washing, bags to unpack, mail that needs opening and plenty of domestics dying for my attention!  But focus I must on fabric and today I am bringing you an old favourite, KW's Imperial Trellis. I know, I know, it has been blogged about and done to death but love it or hate it you have to admit it's pretty popular!
Here are some images to remind you what the fuss is all about.

Navy and mandarin, two of the new colourways by Schumacher.

The most blogged about hallway ever! Chloe Sevigny's home and matching bike!
(and although it has nothing to do with Imperial Trellis, here is her equally stylish bathroom)


This room via Brilliant Asylum takes on a more traditional feel and veres away from the usual Hollywood Regency style in which IT is usually represented.

I know we are talking about fabric, but we can bend the rules for wallpaper - right?

as is this image...

and a pair of chairs, once again in green.

from here 

My most affordable, chic and everyday option however would have to be this.......

I can just see myself swinging this on the way to appointments with my clients! Are you in love yet????
These 'must have' bags are from this creative Etsy seller, Decorative Instincts.  (all sold out atm)

So, what do you think. Are you still a fan? I have to admit....I am.

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