Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday ramblings.

Where to start? Well, firstly I hope you didn't think I had abandoned my wallpaper obsession. Looking around for wallpaper yesterday I came across several more papers that I instantly fell in love with. Here's one that's fun in a 50's kinda way. 

Too cute, isn't it? And I really, really really want to use this.. 
for a pretty bedroom, bathroom, hallway...anyone? 
I have to share with you a blog I have been reading by the very literary savvy authoress Maggie Alderson. You will have been hiding under a rock if you haven't heard of her and her wonderful books. She has a charming way with words and a wit as sharp as a pin, and now you can enjoy her musings, book reviews, and her life in general by reading her blog.
(tell her I sent you!)  
   FYI, Kayce, another 'savvy' woman and mother of 7, (yes that's not a typo) is having a sale so go and check it out right here
And more wallpaper by the ever creative Kathryn Irleand.
 I have decided wallpaper options are like holiday destinations. No matter how hard you try you will never, ever experience all their wonders. (however just knowing there are sooo many choices out there keeps you excited and looking for that perfect one!) 
Happy Friday! Thank you too for all your comments about the Dorm Challenge - I felt that I hadn't put all my creative juices into it due to time restraints so was so happy it all came out ok!  

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dorm Room Design Day.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to do a 'dorm room' design for Tenia's daughter. Of course I said yes and then the time got away and today is 'Dorm Room' challenge day. A few of us are having a go and giving Tenia some ideas. 
 As I am not too familiar with the dorm room concept itself, I have just gone with a colour pallette. Everything I have used either from Sweden (he he!) or elsewhere, and is with a small budget in mind. The idea of light and bright appeal to me when you need to spend all your time sleeping and studying in one spot! So Tenia, hope you like my inspiration!   

A long association.

I have been a huge fan of Katrin Cargill for years. Way back when I was pouring over her books, re - creating rooms in her signature red, blue and gingham and toile. Little did I know I was being slowly drawn into a life's work. I like to think my style has moved on and matured since then, however I know since doing my first all blue toile bedroom 15 years ago, I still have a soft spot for it.  
And give me a check or a stripe any day. 

Cushions? Always...... 

And did I mention I still love toile, blue and checks? 

Katrin showed me the way forward with pom poms too! 

I think I have all of her books in my office......
So have I moved forward, well yes. I have developed my own style.
But it is still most definately entrenched in what I learnt from Katrin, way back when.   
Could I define it? Not sure.......somewhere between city meets country, East meets West?
If I'm honest more like mish mash of colour and pattern. Anyway, thank you Katrin for your inspiration - however I have translated it all these years later!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If I ever went back to owning a shop......

then I would be taking my inspiration from here. 
This cabinet full of rugs delights me! 
And this.....
is heaven. 
It would of course have to be full of fabrics......
and beautiful and bright giftware,
and furniture.
Throw in few fashion items, 
and not to forget multitudes of cushions, and I would be a happy woman. 
(top 3 photos from here and bottom 3 taken by me at Pigotts Store in Sydney) 
It must be Anna's perfect new store which has turned my mind to thinking such things!
When I was in Melbourne the other day, I had to photograph the new Seed shop. 
Boy, did they get this one right. It is pure indulgence for a mind like mine. 
 Look at the details. 
So chances are I won't be going back to a shop front anytime in the near future. I love working from home and don't relish the hours I would have to committ to retail. never know!   

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

10 Favourite Things.

Go here to check out the lovely Caitlin McGauley's 10 favourite (and yes we Aussies do spell it like that....!!) things about summer, on none other than Tory Burch's blog.
You will know Caitlin from the very well known blog header she did for Kelly Green. 
he he........
Ok, if not there, you will definately know her from her illustrations for Lonny and Kate Spade among others.  Now if someone, (let's say Tory Burch for the sake of this exercise) asked me to tell them my 10 favourite things about summer, I would list them neatly, point form, one by one. Caitlin, on the other hand, has drawn hers - to perfection. Each one a piece of covetable art.
Go take a look.    

Monday, July 26, 2010

This week......

 I promise to be more efficient.
I will not skulk around in discount stores looking for cushions like this........
even though they are beautiful. (let me know if you want the deets........he he) 
I will order the inserts for all my cushions and send them to clients or list them here..
for sale.
That's if I can bear to part with them.
I have several sample boards to complete for clients.......
 and a 'dorm' challenge to get my head around. 
Oh yes....I also thought these were a fun solution for small storage in a girl's room. 
 See how my mind works????? It's all over the place! 
Wish me luck. x  

Friday, July 23, 2010

It's here again.

Yes, the week end. Where did the week go? 

photography by Donna Griffith

I know I have been busy........

photography by Donna Griffith

but does anyone else feel like time is just ticking away? 

photography by Donna Griffith

Enjoy every minute! 
images all from here.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sleeping pretty.

Travelling the world as I do via the www, I chanced upon this...............
the ultimate in ball gowns. You can do bridal ivory, 
 black, or red velvet. 
If you would rather stay amongst the ivy, this may suit madame better. 
You have a sweet tooth? No problem.......
or maybe ribbons are your thing. 
Seriously, can someone please book in to the Moschino Hotel, Milan and report back? 
Check all their other kooky arthouse rooms here.
This one is just plain scary..........

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Supermarket Sarah (and me)

You know how it works - you have your cossie on and you are surfing the virtual waves and then 'bang'!

Sarah collects treasures. 

and then lists them photographically on her site. 
Cool - yes?
 She left the corporate world and decided to set up Supermarket Sarah at home.  All her 'supermarket' stash is also sold  just around the corner at her Portobello Market stall. If you are ever in the vicinity, drop in for tea and cake while you shop! 
Now that's my kind of supermarket - ''price check, aisle one" - Here I come! 
Oh and a little off the subject (ok alot).......
Wishing Anna all the best for her opening night soiree. 
These are for you. 
 So sorry I can't make it. 
...........have a wonderful night!
(being too busy to attend is good thing - right? Just trying to convince myself as am sad  nay, devastated to be missing out!)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Charting a path is never easy.

I have the perfect spot on my kitchen wall for one of these beautiful botanical charts. On second thoughts, I could always put it in the sitting room above a sofa like Martha has........
  or  Steven thinks they are better in a group of three. 
I don't know if I should choose one with a touch of pink, 
or keep to the 'all green' theme.
I have to admit to having a soft spot for this yellow one. 
OK - and this one too. 

Yes, I agree with you! ( I can read your mind....) What the heck - I'lll take them all! 
Want one? Let me know and I will be only too happy to guide you through this difficult process.  

Monday, July 19, 2010

A quick recap.

Here are a few highlights of the fair last week in Melbourne. Those of you who go to the shows regularly will know that it gets a bit 'same old, same old' so I was happy this time to be pleasantly surprised with the whole experience!
Beautiful rugs like this......
and this.....
Fun and funky furniture...

and colourful bed covers.
I spied a few of these......
but not as well priced as mine. (he he!)
And this table was a hit in every possible way.
These sconces were a find, but without the price tag.
(* edited to add I have just corrected the scones to sconces!!!!)
One of the best bits of the day was stopping at our local favourite for a cappuccino 'to go' and finding these tables set out the front complete with knee rug........

It is Winter, after all.
Thank you also to everyone for all the comments I received about my In Her Shoes feature. I am always nervous ( or maybe just plain chicken) about putting myself 'out there' on the www, however you were all so complimentary after peaking into my daily life. So in future my friends, I will try to be more candid and sharing!! Thank you.
(ps I think this is what happens when you blog under an tend to forget that you are a real person!!!!!)
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