“In life, all you need is a good book, a cup of tea and a comfortable space.”

In this modern age, most of the people are hooked on their smartphones, social media accounts and online gaming. But with reading, there are benefits that can be gained. Anytime is perfect for the reading time, have a special spot in your home for reading. Make a cozy reading nook at the corner of your abode. There are a lot of ways and styles to design your reading nook, but make sure your little corner is comfortable and functional.


Every reading nook requires seating, and of course, do not let your back and neck ache while reading and enjoying your book. Have a comfortable seat and surround it with plenty of throw pillows.  Cotton, leather, large or small, the size and shape of your chair or bench depend on your reading preferences, remember comfort is always the key.


Decide where you want to put your reading nook. You can have a little corner of your living room or a bedroom window seat for your reading nook, seclusion can help prevent distractions. Consider hanging up a stylish curtain to create a better environment that can be suited for reading.


Inadequate lighting can cause eye strain and headaches. Natural lighting is the best lighting you can get to your reading nook, have it located directly by a window. However, the sun sets and you may still want to read, have a trusty floor lamp, wall sconce or chandelier.


You can have dome tents to make your reading nook stylish. String lights can make it more dramatic, this can make your reading nook a feeling of ethereal boho.


Blankets are a necessity when it comes to comfort. To feel cozy, curl up with a blanket. Use a light blanket during the summer, without feeling hot and use a thicker alternative during winter.


Whether you are an intense reader of one book or you skip from one book to one, a bookshelf in your reading nook provides convenience, it allows you to switch a book without leaving the nook.


A cup of tea or coffee and a good book at the same time is a good combination, have a little side table near your reading nook hold the beverage of your choice.