Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Great idea for Mother's day......

Now I can't take all the credit for this one as I saw it on Eddie Ross's blog via facebook via something or know how it is with travelling off into all sorts of uncharted waters on the interent?
Well, it's fun and practical and I think it wins by a nose...(get it?? nose.....ha ha.....)

A photo cube tissue box! It is amazing how a mundane item such as a tissue box can all of sudden become a thing of beauty. Personalized with your own photos I think it this a must, and boy are there some ugly alternatives out there. So gather your clan and take a few happy snaps and get ordering.........
Hope you all had a great Easter. It's back to school and day to day routine for us today so here are a few of my own happy snaps from the lovely break.

I made these for a picnic......

while these two were pottering,  

and these two were playing.....

and these two..........?

 Well,  they were just waiting! 

*Edited to add.........if you want to enter a great MD giveaway with two of my fave South Australians
proceed to here! (and good luck!)


Haley @ Cardigan Junkie said...

Love that last photo! My dachshund loves being out on the farm too :)

Shandell's said...

Woke up this morning and found your blog. The internet is an amazing place. Thank you for mentioning my memory boxes, I love to make them.

The picture of your Dachshunds is fab. Have a great day!!!!

Wonderful to meet.


Kimberlee said...

hey hun! happy belated easter to you! looks like you had a fabulous time. jealous. Thanks for the shout out. Nothing better than a giveaway of beautiful stationery x

Kate said...

this really reminds me of my family - girls lying on picnic rug, boys hanging around car, two dogs (both daschunds - one black and one tan also) waiting to be released to play (or chase, or eat or whatever)

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