Friday, May 6, 2011

Just browsing.

While I was looking at some of my favourite blogs this morning, I learnt the following......
  • Lulu, my all time crush whose life, talent and long legs I want, has deleveloped her own range of stunning china. 

Excuse me while I swoon.......
  • one of my suppliers has starting importing these divine, warm blankets and throws  - just in time I say, as a chill has definately hit the air in the last few days. 

  • Dani, from Dani Notes is keen to be given one of these for mother's Day. 

mmmmmmm, very cute but not sure how much she would hold. Get your own fun Kate Spade Elephant  here!
  • If I were lucky enought to live ANYWHERE in a house half as good as this gem......

 then I would SOoooooooo be painting it pale duck egg blue with black shutters. 
Swoon again.
pic from here  
  • and on more practical note, I love the idea of these napkins. Honestly, the amount of time I wash and iron these boys is getting ridiculous. I might just order these and just call out ....."number 3 and number 7, dinner is ready!" 

Good idea or what?

OK - Enough of what I think! To all the mothers out there........
Happy Mothers Day this weekend! 

Have a great week end! 

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Charlotte said...

Oh yah! So glad you like my
picture of Hanna Nation!

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