Tuesday, June 28, 2011

'A colour and energy high'....the decorating way!

Want one? A high....that is - a colour and energy, all natural decorating trip? 
Well, come on then............

Have you any idea where we are? 

Surely all those cushions will give you a hint! 

.....and shirts........

and jeans and loafers....... and did I say shirts? 
No girly handbags here, only man bags. 

Did you guess? Yes - we are chez Adler of course. 

Go and take the rest of the trip over at The Coveteur

Disclaimer *Be aware, the downer back to your own, not so colourful lives could hazardous! 

A note from me.......
Thank you to everyone for the advice re: the kindle. I am more convinced of its goodness now thanks to your feedback, so will let you know how I proceed! 
And as for the new blog to introduce you to.....well I will tomorrow! It somehow just didn't fit with the above Jonathon Adler post, so will get one of its very own. 
Oh yes, thanks for the birthday wishes too.......anyone know how to stop the clock? 

1 comment:

Kathysue said...

Love his use of color I must go and check out the rest of his home, Kathysue

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