Friday, October 21, 2011

Another one.

When you are on to a good thing, stick to it I say. This theory applies to lots of things in life. When I find that perfect fitting shoe, I buy two or that pair of jeans that stay just in the right spot when when you are bending over, then I go for it and make sure I own several. Heck, I have been using the same perfume, blush and lip gloss for here's yet another lovely bedroom to finish off the week.  Just a bit more contempory but so comfortable and stylish.

And you know what pulls that simple colour palette together? Yes, the rug. Oh, to be able to sit on a sofa at the end of the bed and read - how very cilvilised indeedy. 
(my mind is churning away now.......I do have a large bedroom waiting to be done and this could be just the thing......I might never want to come out!) 

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Kate said...

Please do share . . . what's your signature lipgloss and blush!? I'm a Bobbi Brown loyal although have become addicted to NARS Orgasm blush x

Shannon Darrough said...

AG " stevie" jeans and jcrew cardigans ... in tons of colors — Total relate. Love that navy couch at the foot of the bed too.

Gabrielle said...

Yep, could definitely my bedroom for that one! That rug is stunning!

LINDA from OEKE said...

Hi KG .. I have a bedroom that is pretty big (like this pic) and when we were laying the boards in the living area, we put one of the couches at the end of our bed. I loved it. I put the coffee table there too and knew right then and there, that this was how I wanted the bedroom.

The pics - with the extra seating as well looks like the people never leave the room (which may or may not be a good thing!!!) - and I agree, the rug is THE item that makes it look just perfect.

SO glad to be back blogging - will come back all the time again now (-:

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