Monday, November 14, 2011

As a general rule.....

......there really are no rules, especially when it comes to gallery walls. Well, if you want a more formal look then of course you need to get the tape measure out, but if you just want a fun eclectic mix of all your treasures then throw caution to the wind and 'hang away'!

As you can see, the shape, size, mount colour and frames are all different and this helps to create a wonderful mix. So gather all your mis  - matched pictures and frames and get to it - you won't be disappointed! 

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Kim Davies Inspired Lines said...

Gallery walls are a thing close to my heart, as an artist myself. The one pictured above is gorgeous with the wall paper beneath and those lovely red mat boards within the frames.

Art work is such an important feature in any walls are just spectacular when done beautifully.


Prue Ram said...

I love the rainbow coloured floor rug in the top picture of your post. The whole room works so well, the gallery of prints, the furniture all create such an inviting space.

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