Friday, December 9, 2011

Horsing around.

I know several little (and not so little ...) girls who would LOVE this wallpaper in their bedroom. 

Fortuitously, I only need to dabble in and out of the horse world 'cos I am far too sneezy and itchy to get too close. My children (luckily) prefer sports with a ball.  

This is rather cute though, isn't it! Worthy of a blue ribbon even. 
Let me know if you or your junior champion could be tempted! 
Have a happy Friday. 

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Gramercy Home said...

Great find! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I like. What fun - will keep it in mind! Mrs Snodgrass X

Kelly Green said...

Yes Mrs S - a good one for Miss H when she plays polo like her daddy! XX

EJR said...

i am sooo using this in my future daughters room!

katie carlin said...

she is the cutest child i have ever seen and that wallpaper is so darling! thank you for sharing!! i adore your precious blog

xx  Katie Carlin-Daily Crush

Diane James Home said...

Sooo cute - I'm with you, no girls in my home (except of the 4-legged variety) and boys all play soccer. Maybe we can find a wallpaper with balls and goals! Happy Friday, Cynthia

Kelly Green said...

thank you everyone! yes - it is great fun and what better way to own a horse! KG xx

Molly Marler said...

This is amazing!!! I have been looking for non-character-y, tasteful yet still childlike wallpaper for my daughter's room for years. FINALLY! She's about to turn 6, and I'm working on a surprise makeover of her room. HOW and WHERE do I get this gorgeousness?! :) Thank you!

Mel@Georgica Pond said...

I would have killed for that when I was 12 and horse mad! Love it, does it come in any other colours?

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