Friday, April 29, 2011

Today's the day.........

.......or more accurately tonight's the night! Yes, a Royal wedding with all the pomp and ceremony only England can do. I won't resist - I will be be watching eagerly to see how the celebrations unfold and what Kate (or Katherine as everyone is now calling her....) will be wearing. 

I am not sure how I would go actually eating these biccies, they seem far too precious to sink my gnashers into but I can't resist them, in all their glory.
A tin of crowns, sceptres, heels and carriages - very appropriate  - don't you think? Given, they are not your everyday munchies, but oh so good all the same. 

Brought to you by the genius people at
But, be warned - don't go here unless you have hours to spend looking for that perfect and quirky gift or guilty pleasure. I did....................(whoops, I mean  "I do"!) and am now a little poorer for the journey! 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hallway Heaven.

I know these pics are 'doing the 'rounds' of the blogosphere, but that hallway......??? 

Really - too perfect for words. 
Ok, here are some.....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Great idea for Mother's day......

Now I can't take all the credit for this one as I saw it on Eddie Ross's blog via facebook via something or know how it is with travelling off into all sorts of uncharted waters on the interent?
Well, it's fun and practical and I think it wins by a nose...(get it?? nose.....ha ha.....)

A photo cube tissue box! It is amazing how a mundane item such as a tissue box can all of sudden become a thing of beauty. Personalized with your own photos I think it this a must, and boy are there some ugly alternatives out there. So gather your clan and take a few happy snaps and get ordering.........
Hope you all had a great Easter. It's back to school and day to day routine for us today so here are a few of my own happy snaps from the lovely break.

I made these for a picnic......

while these two were pottering,  

and these two were playing.....

and these two..........?

 Well,  they were just waiting! 

*Edited to add.........if you want to enter a great MD giveaway with two of my fave South Australians
proceed to here! (and good luck!)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter? - a shoe in...!

We are about to embark on a lovely long easter break. If any one out there needs any Easter hints for a treat for me well looky at this.........

Chocolate stilettos......I know......PURE GENIUS! (although if I was being entirely true to form I would be showing you a choccy ballet flat.........!) 
I am doing a little egg shopping today and shopping for food for the week end. I make a fish pie which I look foward to all year for Good Friday so need to get all the ingredients at the ready! So, whatever you plan to do have a very.......... 
Happy Easter. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Up a ladder.

Shhhhhhh...don't tell anyone but I am up a ladder today painting. (Mum. hope you don't read this.......) You know what it's like when you just want to get the job done, don't you? You can't wait for anyone to come and do it and it is just oh so much easier if you just do it yourself. So, I just wanted to show you this before I go and tackle my second coat. 

Not that I am planning for a red nursery or anything like's just that these rugs from one of my fave suppliers have such a cheery playfulness about them that I wanted to share them with you! 

And here's the larger stripe - very circussy don't you think? 
The best part is of course they are made from 100% wool, which is a quality I love. 
Warm underfoot and practical too! 
So, whilst I contemplate life up my ladder (and work out how to get the paint off the keyboard....arghhhh@!#) let me know if you want to partake in this goodness for your home!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Now, back to fabrics....

As you can imagine, I arrived home to a pile of correspondance and packages so I spent most of yesterday sorting, paying bills and catching up. Here's some of the lovely fabrics that are now winging their way to the various workrooms for my customers.....

and look at this chic leopard tissue paper...........

which contained an old favourite. 

This fabric is destined for a faux bamboo chair for one of my ''Design on Line" customers so I will be sure to show you the room when all is finished. Until then, it's back to the paperwork for me! 
Thank you for all your great comments yesterday - very muchly appreciated! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's me!

Not sure if you remember me but I was the one who blogged everyday.....religiously! Even a trip to London last year couldn't keep me away from this blog. My excuse for being absent? Well I think it's a goodie.............I took a trip! Not just any trip but a school trip.......with 42 others..........from 11 - 15 years New Zealand. I know, I know - what was I thinking? Did I seriously think I could blog about interiors whilst dishing up hamburgers, doing the hakka, and getting about in a mini bus with a whole lot of pre - teens? Yes sirreee I did! Well, two weeks later I am on the other side of what was one of the best trips I have ever taken (me plus my very first ever cold sore, but that's a whole 'nother story.....)  and I am exhausted. We bused all over the North Island and saw some of the most amaaaaazing scenery you could hope to see. My bus load of the older kids (most of them with their hats on backwards) looked seriously daunting, however by the end of day one it was evident that they were all delighful! So, if you ever get a chance to.............. 

  1. visit New Zealand - DO IT!
  2. go on a school trip with your son or daughter - DO IT!
  3. stay at a caravan park on the edge of a trout stream - DO IT!
  4. spend 12 days on a mini bus with a group of unlikely looking 13 - 14 year olds, well JUST DO IT! 
And on that note, I will leave you with some photos, (I hope you don't mind) of my adventure!

yes, my son is in here...... 

and in here..

and in here! 

Ha ha - that's him too! 
I haven't shown any faces because I don't want to breach any one's privacy but needless to say there were grins from ear to ear. 
Oh, and did I mention that I am 6 months pregnant? And exhausted? And have a cold sore?   
Ok, one thing I could do without......showering in a communal block...
It's good to be back!

Monday, April 4, 2011

A parting pic!

A parting shot, as it were, as I am off on a a trip. I will leave you with this beauty found here and hopefully be back soon to up date you as to where I am!

It's not quite what I would call a holiday, however I am sitting in the departure lounge as I type! 
Back soon. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Michelle Adams apartment.

Take a tour with her here...... 

Enjoy her cute apartment and especiallly her black and white hallway. 
She has a few tips for her signature style which you will love! 
Now be off, scoot...go and have a look! 
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