Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh Lily......gily.

I have 'lifted' these super pics from the Lonny Blog 'cos I  can and also because they are obviously too good not to share. WARNING: If you are a minimalist and beige is your thing, then look away NOW! 


don't say you weren't warned! 

I happen to like this sort of thing and the launch of Lily Pulitzer's new fabric collection shouldn't go unmentioned. 
If you're really game (and I am!) then you can also read her blog........

A very apt title too. 

Until the fog lifts here today, I will getting my bit well, a whole lot of colour actualy from Lily. 
And as all the teenage girls say to each each other..........
Gily....Lily! ♥
(gee i love you.....in case you haven't been exposed to this sort of banter! )

ps if any techno design blogger can help me I would be most appreciative! I can't work out why my thumbnail pic. is not appearing in other's blog list. Any ideas - my 'feed' is set to full so that's not the problem......grrr.....tips please! 

Monday, May 30, 2011

I couldn't resist......

....posting this picture of lovely green - ness! Tailored, simple and classic. Pure green bliss. 

Also, I don't know about you but I am completely addicted to my sunglasses. The days have turned cold and drizzly here and I still can't leave the house without them sitting on my head. What IS that? Anyway,     I think I actually squint from the brightness now without them (even on a dull day) and there is hardly a photo of me in the last 10 years with out them. Maybe they have become like a security blanket, as I do like to hide behind them abit. The bigger the better in my opinion! I was actually contemplating weaning myself of sunnies this winter ( I mean how silly can I look? ) when I came across these..........

They are perfect. The name is perfect, the size is perfect and the packaging is ...well...... perfect.  What is a girl to do? Wean or wear? He he - I think you know the answer....... 
Thank you EmersonMade for helping me with my dilema and for encouraging me to go big, 365 days a year. 
Happy Monday! 

Friday, May 27, 2011

A bit of Friday fun.

These beautiful macaroons are perfect for your waistline and oh so colourful to boot! 

I thought these little woollen bites were just too delicious not to share..........

'Baked' for you by the clever Cinti Gonzalez, so go on over and buy yourself a batch!
And this is not the end of Cinti's taltents......indeedy no! 
Look at this! 

She made a rug for her daughter's room from old recylced and family blankets. So colourful and a true work of art. 

Honestly, I am amazed by some of the talent out there! How warm and cozy would this be on the floor, especially when we are experiencing such a cold snap. Obviously, I am guilty of searching for nursery inspiration yet again and I am convicned that Ohdeedoh is the absolute BEST place to find it! 

Their latest offering......?

...possibly tooooo cute for words. 
(ok - well just 3 then  - vintage personalised poster) Buy here.
There. I think that is just about enough fun and colour for a Friday! 
Did I tell you that Anthropologie have followed in the great footsteps of Kate 
Spade and the like and now have a tumblr??   
It's called Etymologie
Have a great week end. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fit for a princess.

I have been looking at my fair share of children's rooms and web sites lately to make sure I know what gets the thumbs up these days.  Imagine my delight when I came across this room in all it's pink glory....... 

And guess what? It belongs to a 6 year old. 
Now, this room has had a bit of a flogging over its lack of bits and bobs (paintings from school, hair accesories etc. etc) normally a right of passage with any 6 year old girls that I know! But all is forgiven with the mere presence of that MW rug and Moroccan footstool, don't you think?  

See, you can never have too much designer bumph, even if you are 6. 

Maybe she sits here and answer all her correspondance! It is of no consequence however, 'cos to me 6 or 60 this room is a winner! 
See more here............ 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Under the light of the Boab.

Not a tree, a bedside light! No, I haven't gone bush and gone barefoot in the desert, I just went to..........

cough, cough......

Yep, I spied the Boab lamp on their website, and whilst I was picking up picture hanging equipment and other gadgets, I thought I would go and check the Boab out. Not thinking they would be anything special, I was most pleasantly DELIGHTED! They are the perfect size, a beautiful shape and come with the shade. 
How much? - $59 peoples! 
I know! 

Now,  having been in the trade for a long time, I have access to a lot of lights. They are an essential part of a room, but even at wholesale they can be damm pricey. By the time the shade is tricked up or recovered you can easlily spend $300 - $400 so, you can imagine how thrilled I was to put two of these little gems in my car.  
I really need to see this one now too........

this is Bella and she is only $29!!!! 
My local bunnings didn't have her, but be afraid Bella...be very afraid...I am coming to get you.  
Mr. Bunnings (or Mrs., 'cos as we know there is always a great woman behind every successful man!) 
you done good. You can thank me later. 

(as you can see, couldn't resist the Hipstamatic app. again......lighting wasn't right so this was the prefect foil!) 

ps - sorry not much styling done here - yes you can see my Eight Hour Cream on my bedside table, I can't live without it. ( you might think I am being dramatic but it's true....)  

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seriously swooning....

over these 'marbelised textiles' as seen here.

The colour scheme speaks volumes to me too (hellloooo...) 'cos it's not too different from my own bedroom. OK so I don't have a mirrored console in there (nor do I posses a fluffy rug!) but the greens and blues will always reign supreme in my own home! Want to have a look? 
So here's just the sneakiest peak(iest).

I love the zig zaggy thing too.............I will post more tomorrow when I will share with you a great find I had! Stayed tuned for you are going to love it! ☺
PS thank you everyone for you help yesterday in reminding of the source of the Lauren Liess room I posted. Good news is I slept like a baby last night ( with a little help ! ) so no mid - night wonderings and getting lost around the blog world! 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Kelly Green Monday!

I just love these touches of green in an otherwise very understated room. 

Don't you? 
Maximum impact - minimal effort to achive........a lampshade, a couple of parrots, a plant and hey presto. 
Decorating 101. 
Rushing off again today.......must get my act together to blog the night before so I am not so pressed for time.  I also can't credit this lovely pic. at the moment. It was the result of midnight to dawn internet surfing as seems to be the norm these days. 
Will search my history later in the day and see where it leads me, but in the meantime, enjoy these pops of colour! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am not fussy........

if I can't have a beach house, I have a "lake house". 
One just like Thom Filicia's please. In fact, I'll just have his. Every darn inch of it. 

And the Riva - essential for lake side activity. 

This is just about my fave. mini kitchen....just right for whipping up snacks,

before we adjourn to here. 

See, I am a gal of simple tastes - I am easily pleased really. I don't ask for much - just a lake house to call my own, ☺simple bricks and mortar. 
( and wood and stone and that boat and that bar - whoa!)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Stripes......you can never have enough!

I think the title of this post says it all really......and I am talking interiors, clothes you name it. The only thing I would add is ...."and checks". Yes, my mantra - "you can NEVER have enough stripes and checks" is one I live by daily!


pics from here

And, just to prove I am a devout follower and live by what I preach, here are a few "Hipstamic"(just 'cos it's fun!) shots of my very own stripy/checky existance! 

See.......you could call me orthodox. I haven't shown you my 12 navy blue and white long sleeved striped T' or my stripy ballet flats or even my stripy tooth brush holder or my pjs, but take it from me - they do exist! 
So, are you with me? 
 : )
Let's all repeat it together...."you can NEVER have enough stripes or  checks".

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Woof, woof!

I know we all have that special pet (or person!) in our lives and what better way to honour them, than on the wall. 

This is the 'pop art' version.....totally "off the wall" in my humble opionion! 
pic from here.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Through the lens.

When I featured this blog post the other day, little did I know I would be contacted by the photographer of one of the prettiest shots I have seen in a long time! Charlotte Elizabeth is a girl with some serious talent and an amazingly beautiful website. 

If you have read the latest Matchbook, you would have seen her shots of the the very stylish and pretty Hannah Nation.........

Would you looook at those cobbled streets...

 I love this look - Hunters and a stripy T. I must admit to sporting this look often! 
(however skinny jeans are more my thing, not a shorts girl at all for some reason)
And of course the shot that brought Elizabeth and I together.....

just because I LOVE it sooooo much! 
Now, Elizabeth it's a shame that you and I live on different continents 'cos I 'd have you around in a heartbeat to take stunning photos of me and mine.  

like this...

and this! Too cute. 
Anyway, go and have a look at the rest of the shoot she did of Hannah - trust me on this, you will love it! 
Oh, and did you notice the bag in Hannah's basket? It's a FEED bag by Lauren Bush  and helps feed world third world children when purchased. 
Now that's a great combo - a pretty girl with a conscience. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

A deceptively good idea.

So, while it's not technically (well, ok remotely....) anything to do with interiors I saw this in the week end papers and had to share. 

As I am a lover of all things apple and also a traditionalist to boot, this is the iphone cover for me! What do you think? A little black notebook perfectly hides your phone so when you sit having a coffee in a cafe you don't look like a complete @#&*%$ with you phone on the table!!!! I love it 100%! 
So subtle and stylish. 

I do love something that combines the art of deception

so well, and all bound in the softest leather! 
Buy yours here.......I'll race you! 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Just browsing.

While I was looking at some of my favourite blogs this morning, I learnt the following......
  • Lulu, my all time crush whose life, talent and long legs I want, has deleveloped her own range of stunning china. 

Excuse me while I swoon.......
  • one of my suppliers has starting importing these divine, warm blankets and throws  - just in time I say, as a chill has definately hit the air in the last few days. 

  • Dani, from Dani Notes is keen to be given one of these for mother's Day. 

mmmmmmm, very cute but not sure how much she would hold. Get your own fun Kate Spade Elephant  here!
  • If I were lucky enought to live ANYWHERE in a house half as good as this gem......

 then I would SOoooooooo be painting it pale duck egg blue with black shutters. 
Swoon again.
pic from here  
  • and on more practical note, I love the idea of these napkins. Honestly, the amount of time I wash and iron these boys is getting ridiculous. I might just order these and just call out ....."number 3 and number 7, dinner is ready!" 

Good idea or what?

OK - Enough of what I think! To all the mothers out there........
Happy Mothers Day this weekend! 

Have a great week end! 

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