Thursday, June 30, 2011

Birds of a feather.....

flock together. 

And when they do so......they look pretty darn good! 
I am in the process of doing yet another wall of family photos and when looking at various ways to arrange them came across these birdies. 
The therory is simple really. 
Something in common helps all your pics give the wow factor. It can be subject matter, the actual frames or the tones within the frames. 
Anyway, if you would like me to help you get your hands on a flock a birds, not too dissimilar to these, just give me  ta - twit, ta whoo.........and I will come flying to your aid! 
pics from here and here.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I seem to be constantly thinking about food.(don't worry, still pondering wallpaper and fabric too......)  Maybe because it's cold and there's nothing like wintery comfort food. I like to cook it, I like to eat it and I of course, I like to think about it. There is nothing nicer, than as a mother, to feed your children something hearty and watch them devour it! That's why I think you should all know about this wonderful new blog, Lamb chops inc. 

A friend writes it and as I sit here outside the post office waiting for another fabric parcel to arrive, I am already drooling over the pork chop recipe she recently did. 

It is 9am.......see told you I think about it alot. 

........and who knew you could roast broccoli? 
Not me. 
This is what happens to me.....I shall be thinking about marinating pork chops now for the rest of the day. 
Anyway, go and have a squiz and immerse your self in her lovely country life, you won't be disappointed! 

It's not all about food, as the catch line says "notes from an australian country kitchen" and we all know that an Australian country kitchen is indeed the centre of the house.  

And the name.......well not sure if I should be telling you this so keep it under your hat, but I have heard her husband call her "lamb chops"............more than once! 

Off to the butcher for some pork and then to get some broccoli......... 
Have a good day and let me know if you try any of LC's recipes! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

'A colour and energy high'....the decorating way!

Want one? A high....that is - a colour and energy, all natural decorating trip? 
Well, come on then............

Have you any idea where we are? 

Surely all those cushions will give you a hint! 

.....and shirts........

and jeans and loafers....... and did I say shirts? 
No girly handbags here, only man bags. 

Did you guess? Yes - we are chez Adler of course. 

Go and take the rest of the trip over at The Coveteur

Disclaimer *Be aware, the downer back to your own, not so colourful lives could hazardous! 

A note from me.......
Thank you to everyone for the advice re: the kindle. I am more convinced of its goodness now thanks to your feedback, so will let you know how I proceed! 
And as for the new blog to introduce you to.....well I will tomorrow! It somehow just didn't fit with the above Jonathon Adler post, so will get one of its very own. 
Oh yes, thanks for the birthday wishes too.......anyone know how to stop the clock? 

Monday, June 27, 2011

She's done it again.

I am fast turning in to a Catherine fan. (I don't think we are allowed to call her Kate anymore, are we?) Anyway, just a quickie this morning as I am out to lunch for my birthday! Just a brief one with the husband (while he mulit - tasks and picks up parts....) but better than a toasted sandwich at home. 

I love navy. It is soooo smart. In fact, I have just ordered a whole batch of navy blue towels.......more for practicality than anything else, but that's a whole 'nother story. Anyway, I think Catherine displays just the right amount of military pomp, without being too stuffy. What do you think? 
And did you see this........

 Maybe a gift from Wills.....?
Sorry to stray form the usual track, but couldn't resist. 
Back later with a fun new blog to share with you........ 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A bedroom and a dilemma.

I re - pinned this seriously smart bedroom I saw while I was visting The Zhush. (as the tag line says "silly name, smart style")
 Well, I think you can have whatever name you like when you come up with the goods!

Don't you think this bedroom is dreamy? I do! It's one of those unbeatable combos - orange and aqua. Its a bit like peaches and cream, bread and butter - it just works.
That lamp is a winner too. I saw one similar for sale on the MOS Marketplace in navy blue.....

which leads me to believe that you could easliy change this whole room by swappping the lamp with aforementioned blue one and adding in navy blankets. Such is the case with any room with good bones.
Now, on to my dilemma. 
I need advice please.
I am keen to get a reader, an Ereader. 
I thought the Kindle would be the answer, but discovered it is not back lit and its black and white.

I need colour in my life, and I need to read in the dead of bed, in the dark. 
Further investigation lead me to the Nook, by Barnes and Noble. this seems to fit all the criteria......

however it turns out there are problems actually accessing the books when you don't live in the US.  
Can any one give me any advice or share what they have? I am trying to avoid an Ipad as I am pretty much up to date with all my Apple stuff and want something a bit more compact. 
Is there a solution? 
Any help, gratefully accepted.
Off on a school excursion today - wish me luck! ; )

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nautical but nice.

So I am working on job for one of my clients who needs the interior of their boat revamped before they spend a year travelling on it. 
Here's some inspiration I am using to get the ball rolling........ 

I am also going to suggest (because I like being helpful.....) 
that before the maiden voyage, the mother gets herself a manicure. 

because grooming is always important. 

As is the purchasing of a few essential items to survive the journey...

 A couple of good outfits should be packed for when it's "all hands on deck" 

and not to forget the children......

.......well I think these clothes will do nicely. 
I must remind myself to tell her also that when it all gets too much, there will be nothing nicer that retreating below deck (fore or aft) for a nice cup of tea. 

I know she's really going to appreciate my input..........because you see in this business, it's all about going that extra nautical mile. 
all pics from here...of course!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Samantha Pynn is a girl I can relate to. She likes colour, (and lots of it) and can take all the foibles a room has on offer and make it sing! She also does what I love doing and that is changing a room around to give it a mini facelift. 
I mean 
I am ALWAYS fiddling in my own house, or other peoples......

just moving a cushion here, and draaaaaaging a sofa there......

Hanging artwork and re - arranging objects. it's all part of the job. 

Some may call it 'one room, two looks' but not I. 

 I prefer to call it, well..........something like....
'rainy day afternoon make - overs' or
'essential household management'
or in my case I could even call it...
'maintenance, mainly to avoid sitting in the office' 
Call it what you like.....either way it is fun, fun, fun! 
Pics from here....

Monday, June 20, 2011

Technical glitch!

Must be brief today as the system seems to be suffering from Monday morning-itis! (more commonly know as "12yo eating into internet credit surfing on you tube with new ipod....") sigh...we have been here before and its tiresome.

So, I will leave you with this pretty picture of a job I completed earlier in the year! 
Will be back when all's sorted! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

From my inbox.

 A few interesting things have popped into my inbox this week, and, as usual they are too good not to share! 
Like these .....

and this 

buy here

and these gorgeous works of art. 

My friend Emily sent them to me after seeing yesterdays post! She does them on newspaper and her fishy paintings look almost vintage.  (Imagine them framed and in a group) Emily is hugely talented and paints all sorts of lovely things so if you want more info. contact me and I will put you on to this creative force! 

   I love this black and white inlaid mirror too, (it also has a matching console)

and these painted mugs from Kate Spade would be such a great way to start the day. 

or even finish it for that matter! 
It just wouldn't be right to not mention a couple of wallpapers I have sourced this week too........

Pretty fun, aren't they? 
Hope you've had a good week! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Something fishy.

I am looking for a little something extra to go on the nursery walls and came across these. 

Whilst they are a bit too fishy for a brand new baby, I am think they would make an amazing addition to any household wall. I am thinking boot room, entrance or they would look particualry fetching in an office.  You will need a 'school' of them for sure............

Go and catch them yourself here,  via Etsy of course!

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