Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I am back from the beach.

Yes, am finally back and in the midst of a swelteringly hot day I am unpacking and shaking sand out of all and sundry! I have had a large rodent in my pantry (and it will be very large now judging by the amount of packets of biscuits it has eaten......) and a snake in the laundry. Yes, that was gasp - worthy but we are setting a trap tonight and really, what better excuse to avoid the washing? 
Anyway......here's to last week and this week and many more beyond. 

Our beautiful beach path......

plenty of beach art.....

We had a lovely lazy time drinking coffees, (ok and a bit of wine....ummmmm and the odd G+T!)
walking, meeting new and old friends and just hanging around. 
All the boys at the beack looked soooo gorgeous in these stunning beach shorts, 

affectionately called 'JB's'. 
They come in all manner of bright colours and can be worn on and off the beach. 
Check out their website here and then ring 'Beaches' (03) 5568 2009 to get your very own.
They are quick drying and I swear these are the only shorts your big and little boys will ever need! 
My other biggie for the summer? We couldn't leave the house without our Hammammas........

Highly absorbent, Turkish beach towels which are easily packed cos there is so little bulk to them. 
Even the baby has one......

Would you just look at those thighs!!! (and she hasn't started solids yet....)


Thank you to everyone who left comments whilst I was away. As always I had the bestest intentions of blogging from the beach but my new Ipad wasn't as easy to drive as I thought. Anyone know how to upload photos and images on an ipad? I would love to find out.......
Its another busy week here, what with the rat, the snake and washing and oh yeah.....my clients patiently waiting for me to dust the sand off and begin a new year! 
(Hummammsa available from 'Beaches' at the above number or 


Would you like me to help you with your home? Contact Me for all the details!


Something Gorgeous said...

Your holiday looked amazing. I've just returned from a beach holiday as well....luckily no snakes or rodents waiting for me!!
Really like those shorts for boys, will check out the website now. x

Glamour Drops said...

Oh, oh, oh.... a snake in the laundry? Yikes - that would seriously freak me out but you seem to just take it in your stride. The rodent I could cope with. By saying "here puss, puss, I have a job for you..."

Welcome back to blogworld and workworld and reality world. (Although with this glorious weather it feels like the holiday spirit is still around.) Your daughter is looking seriously cute! Virginia x

Diane James Home said...

Yikes - that's some homecoming! I look forward to reading more of your wonderful posts once you've settled back in (and made your patient clients happy. Cheers, Cynthia

Kelly Green said...

Thank you girls! A bit hard to get motivated in this heat but luckily another day off today and another chance to get organised! KG xx

Irene said...

Nice to know you had a good time! Ooops about the animals! Have a good time reajusting to post-holiday rythm.

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