Friday, February 10, 2012

Did you see this?

I couldn't resist re - posting this. Can you imagine a more stunning setting for a wedding? What a clever idea to use the house as a backdrop for the nuptials? I am so enamored with this whole look. I mean the tables surrounding the dance floor....simple, yet bloody brilliant.  
There is blue toile on the tables...... 

and that bed canopy.......

No more words need except.......
I do, I do I do! 
(oh yes, and thanks to Erin at Elements of Style for sharing this!) 

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Kate said...

STUNNING KG! I love love love it, absolute perfection. One to add to my 'one day' pile (I'm alarmingly like the girl from 27 Dresses - I keep clippings of things like this for when my time comes! Hey, she ends up with the hottie in the end!).

Happy weekend x

Mel@Georgica Pond said...

Wow - that is spectacular. Love the fabric on that bed too - heaven. I am on the hunt for the perfect blue and white fabric and just can't seem to find it. They all look better online than in real life! Thank you for your lovely message of support - so sweet. What a surprise you must have had going back to newborns with older kids. At least I haven't gotten used to sleeping in yet! Mx

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