Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I would love to think....

...that I have been lolling around on this bed whilst the week gets away from me, but I haven't. I have been busy, really I have. I was in the car for 6 hours today and came home to discover some emails on my computer that didn't quite make it to my ipad, and even more on my phone. I thought I had all my devices perfectly synced but it appears not. I am not going to worry tonight, it will have to be a morning job. (especially since I have had a glass of wine in the meantime)  
So, I am taking to my bed. It seems like a good solution. 

I will deal with the chaos I have created for myself in the morning. 
ps....just LOOOOVE this bed above. Quite masculine but oh so inviting and a wonderfully easy look to achieve. 
(pic from House Beautiful) 

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Annie Loveridge Interiors said...

Good on you! I'm channeling your calm as my usual method is to shout at everyone and watch them scatter. Not in 2012! I hope it's all better in the morning. Annie x.

Diane James Home said...

I've been seeing a lot of Chesterfield sofas in blogs and in magazines and this headboard certainly follows this trend - I like the fact that eventhough the style is masculine, the colors are pretty enough for the wife! I hope you slumbered well, dreamt heavenly dreams, and are ready for the day - mine is winding down and I am so ready for a glass of wine. Cheers, Cynthia

Kelly Green said...

Ha ha ANnie, bit of shouting usually works around here too,! KG xx

Kelly Green said...

Diane, yes all seems better this morning. Enjoy your evening ....thanks for the thoughts! kG xx

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