Monday, March 19, 2012

Fabric Woes.

Its  no secret that I love fabrics, especially a good printed one! Sometimes, however I feel like I need to move heaven and earth just to get the samples. For example, I have been waiting for 3 weeks or more to get a sample of this. 

What I got was this.......

the piddliest little sample ever. How could my customer ever imagine 60m of this in her living room. 
So you know what? It got the flick, just like that.! We are now using a fabric supplied by a company who are more generous with their samples!
I also ordered some fabric from ......wait for it...Lithuania! 

It arrived 4 days later and was beautiful beyond my expectations. 
I am not a horsey person, but this fabric for a client's sons bedroom is soo soft and even more stunning in person. A perfect linen with a navy blue print. 

And just for a laugh to show you I have a sense of humour over all this, here's another fabric I ordered a sample of  to show my client. 

 And ta da.......heres what I got. 

I think its part of the tail but couldn't be sure, as its about the size of a playing card. 
What I really really wanted was this. 

But I searched to no avail. This picture comes from ABT, and is part of Anna's work. 
That fabric is soooo beautiful that I just can't get it out of my mind.
So there it is - a tale of woe. On a good note, I will definately be using my super efficient supplier from donwtown Lithuania again! 

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Mel said...

Love the horse fabric, are you able to say where it's from? Love the first fabric, but that sample is crazy!

xo J and V said...

Love the fabrics you ordered, even the little snippet is pretty great:)Who would have thought Lithuania?!

Heidi said...

That last one looks like Brunschwig & Fils "Kanchou". I used a different colourway on a job is really beautiful, and you shouldn't have a supply problem with it now?

Anonymous said...

I ordered a sample of the same fabric (I think it is called "Lucy") from The price was very reasonable, and they were definitely more generous with their samples. I do not know if they ship outside of the US, but you may want to check them out.

Mel@Georgica Pond said...

I hear you! Doesn't it drive you mad, when you only get a tiny sample, that usually doesn't feature all the colours let alone the whole design or pattern. It's impossible to imagine how a sofa or curtains will look when you are using a piece of fabric the size of a box of matches to try to recreate the look. And it's the same with samples in books, that never stay open at the page you want them and the sample you want is always the smallest of the colourways and you have to have them back to the showroom in 24 hours which doesn't give you much time for mulling! Hence it's now 6 months since I started this process and I'm about to give up!

Bumble at home said...

The cockatoo fabric is Kanchu from Brunschwig and Fils and it comes in wallpaper too!

Sarah said...

You have to check out! their fabric is super affordable, free shipping on orders over $35, free return shipping (and you can return anything!), and their samples are huge! I ordered a sample of the first fabric you showed and it had almost an entire bird on it. I love this site for fabric!

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