Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paired down.

I think this room, which I have decided to describe as 'paired down' has a good thing going on, don't you? There is not too much of anything really, but it all works a treat. 

It has all the basics and also a calm sophistication about it which is really rather inviting. Now I could take a lesson from this in my own life, where I err on the side of more. As I always jokingly tell my son, his first word was "more" and he still uses it a bit too liberally! He always wants more.......its not a bad thing but maybe we could all take the advice of Coco Chanel and remove one accessory as we leave the house. Hmmmmm.......this could certainly apply to the interior of a house too, as perfectly illustrated above. 
As I type I am listening to rain on the roof......a lovely sound and much longed for! 
Pic from here and thanks to The Zush for sending me over! 

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Special 'K' said...

Love the quote by Coco! I will remember that, I certainly could 'pair down' some. I love the room it is enough. I am loving the print. thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

Bali Hotels said...

Nice post, thank you

xo Jamie and Vashti said...

Edit, edit edit! Yet, I am usually adding more layers in my home! Good advice all around:)

Diane James Home said...

The Tilton Fenwick team is so talented (and adorable young ladies to boot!). This room is so soothing to look at and I agree, in the case of home decor, less is more (besides, who wants to dust a bunch of tchotkes!). Thanks for sharing, Cynthia

Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

love it. sophisticated - but also so liveable as well. gorgeous find as always darling x

Kelly Green said...

So pleased you likey! KGxx

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