Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's in the stars.

I love Jonathon Adler's needlepoint cushions. They are such a bright fun 'cherry on top' kind of addition to any girls bedroom - especially for a teen. In fact, I have specified these a few times in the past and by all accounts everyone has been very happy! (how could you not with a  bit of JA in your home....?) 

I must admit they are on the pricey side, so I was delighted to find these today at only $18AUS. 

Not bad eh? 

Get yours here.

Also check out these other offerings too. 

I have to confess to buying cushions in for customers and just on selling them sometimes as the prices of some of these ready made ones are just too good! 
Don't you love it when a cushion or two can instantly improve a space? 

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Joey Thomas said...

Where did those last few cushions come from? I really like the blue and yellow set.

Something Gorgeous said...

Yes, they can transform the look of an entire space. My mums an astrologer. She'd fancy one of these. Giulia x

Sarah said...

First, I LOVE pillows and I really love these, I'm a PISCES - they are all gorge - thanks for sharing! ;-)) have a great weekend!

Limestone veneer said...

$18 is a good deal really. And what about the blue and yellow cushions in the last?
~ Herman Swan

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