Monday, September 10, 2012

Spring has sprung.....

....yes, I do believe it has. I say it with some trepidation thought as just when you think its time to open up the house and put away the woollens, know what happens.  Clouds appear,  the heavens open and the temperature drops. Anyway, for the  moment I can hear birds chirping and the chill in the air is not as bity so I am calling it SPRING. 

I am a busy as a little bee too............

...matching fabrics and wallpaper, working out curtain drops, co-ordinating trims and colour schemes.  I wish this picutre was from my own office, but alas it is not! ( thanks B&F ) It feels very much like what is going on here....but just....well....errr......a whole lot more orderly! 
(Oh yes, and to celebrate the arrival of Spring, my one year old ate her first garden snail.) 
OK, hopefully her first and only garden snail. 
: ) 

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