Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer thoughts and a bargain!

Even though it raining outside today (which will make my trip with two large chairs to the upholsterers extra challenging....! ) my mind is firmly thinking about Summer and what it will hold. I am planning ahead in terms of how to spend our beach holiday and and what needs doing here before we go. I know mulching the garden is high on the list as there is nothing worse than coming back to a garden full of weeds. I spied this gem of a beach house over at Mona Ross Berman Interiors and couldn't help think that this would make the perfect holiday kitchen.

See that Bombay gin on the sink? That's a perfect end to a Summers day in my opinion....especially if you can have it on the beach!  I imagine this is the bar area, but will all the dine out options on holiday this space would suit me to perfection. I love the grasscloth too. I have some rolls here in my office patiently waiting for to go up. 

Anyway, as it is really Spring and not Summer quite yet I have been doing what the season dictates, yes - Spring cleaning. To my surprise ( and good luck for someone else ) I found all these cushions I had made for a fair last year. There are 15 altogther and I need them gone from here as I am heaving to the brim with extra cushions and fabrics and just can't accomodate all of them. So, peeps - make me an offer and they are yours! They would be perfect for a playroom or if you have a shop I am happy for you to on sell them.

Good luck! 


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