Wednesday, October 10, 2012

An versatile piece.

I always think an ottoman is such a great piece of can double as a coffee table and of course you could actually put your feet on it too! I had a beauty made for a client a few weeks ago and it turned out so well that, well, guess what....? I am getting one too! I cant wait for it to arrive and I will load it with books and trinkets and flowers. 
This was the inspiration. 

It needs to have a nice flat top for all the gooodies to sit on top if it. 
I am doing mine in a plain fabric......purely for practical reasons so will show you when it arrives! 
In the meantime, sorry for the absence. 

We have been here.

(whoops....hello toes!) 

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Kathryn Cumming said...

gorgeous! In a perfect world I would have a tufted, natural leather ottoman/coffee table.

Joey said...

It really is an underused piece of furniture - so many uses while also being a gorgeous styling piece.

I found these brightly coloured creations on Etsy recently. Aren't they fun!

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