Monday, November 19, 2012

More blue.

You are most likey sick of hearing about my 'thing' for navy blue so sorry if you are but I cant help but show you these beautiful samples I was sent last week, only helping to make picking and choosing my cushions all the trickier! 

See what I mean?
Anyway,  I have given myself a deadline and will decide today. Nothing like a bit of pressure to help with desicion making!  
Of course, many thanks to the delightful team at Emily Ziz for tapping into my distress over 'the blues' and providing these amazing samples!
Honestly? If you need ANYTHING in the way of stunning fabrics, wallpapers, lighting, art and even rugs stop there first 'cos you won't be disappointed!     

In fact, I am off to make a coffee and sit down and have a really good linger on their website. It is jam packed with goodness......there goes the next hour or so! 


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Kim Grey said...

I'm on a blue and white kick, too! Since I'm planning for Christmas dinner, and need to get more dinner plates, I'm thinking of going for classic blue and white china. I have been wanting to start collecting it, so I figure this is a good time to begin. Thank you for the inspiration!

Nancy said...

Love all things navy, too. It is a tough decision I know, but all your choices look amazing.
xo Nancy

Wall Decal Company said...

Really loving the blue, some great patterns around in blue and white with a vintage style

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