Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Now to decide.

Firstly, many thanks to those of you who comment on my blog. I haven't exactly been blogging thick and fast so those of you who leave comments, email me and also wonder where I am and if alls well  -  I THANK YOU. 
Not sure why my blogging mojo has depleted but I do know that when I do get around to posting, I always enjoy sharing what I have to say. (even though it may not be earth shattering....!) 
OK, so this week is the week that most of the big workrooms have their cut off dates for Christmas locked in. I am waiting for one large roll of fabric to arrive for only then I will I be able to breathe out. Everything else is locked in to production and on time. 

Of course it then goes without saying, that at this very exact time EVERY year, I look around my house and want to re do things. As I have been focused on my customers all year, I have neglected my own home although I did manage to take delivery of my newly upholstered (old) chairs. 
They look exceedingly good. 

(navy ticking of course) 

Now to cushion them - an easy task! Surely! 

Ah - hemm..........

......not quite as easy as you might think!

Anyway, I dont want to annoy you with my indecision, so I will just let you know that you were all right when you guessed my new addiction to blue and white. Not just blue, but navy blue. It is now ruling my world and things just got a whole lot easier.  I had been following it to a 't', when I accidently let a little orange dress slip into my wardrobe. But yes, in general, navy is my thing at home and it means that everything is interchangeable with ease.  
I'll let you know when the new cushions have surprises as to what colour they will be! 
Have a good day! x

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TINA KENT said...

looks awesome! I'm just about to put some navy ticking on two grey cane chairs. Can't wait to see what cushions you choose! lovT

Anonymous said...

Where did you obtain your ticking stripe fabric or what brand is it? I have been looking for ticking for quite some time, but cannot find the right one. Your chair looks lovely!

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