Monday, December 3, 2012

A bit of trim.....

...........goes a long way, especially when it's a pom pom and it's this large! 

Kinda cool -  yes? 
Now bear with me whilst I indulge in a bit of whimsy.....

So, be off with you, you old small pom pom. The new version of you is large, generous and just a little bit outrageous! 

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Anonymous said...

Kelly - such wonderful pom poms... if you ever find any in an Australian store do share with us! They look like such a simple way to add impact to a minimalist decor.
Judith in Canberra.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly.... I am trying again to send you a message.... last time didn't work. I asked you about where to buy pom poms. The message didn't seem to work.

But... now, here is the thing. I was in my public library and just browsing... and came across a knitting book which had pom poms on the cover. I delved in. And saw the instructions for how to make pom poms.

Of course every Australian kid made pom poms in scholl and I had simply forgotten.

So I trolled my sewing cupboard and found some let over wool and and hey presto - a home made pom pom. I am now working up a bit of a project to make some in assorted colours to dress up some rather dull cushions. Yeah sure they are trendy and I'll get sick of them next year so I will just... remove them!

Staying on trend doesn't have to be expensive!

Thanks for your wonderful blog. Love the pics and the commentary. Wish you did it more often... but hey.. we are ALL busy with house, family and work.

Have a terrific Christmas break and be assured that we do read the blog... but get frustrated when the comment button doesn't work ;-)

Judith in Canberra.

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