Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's all a bit of a blurr.

The last couple of weeks. I am over run with lovely new jobs and just general domestics. I have neglected this blog, for which I am sorry however be assured I am madly working away in all apsects of life, even if I don't always let you know.  I should let you know, I know. So sorry for being an absentee blogger and thank you for putting up with me. There is constantly lots going on here and even on my day away from my office ( while I was getting the car serviced....! ) I stumbled upon these vinage treasures.

So this is something I have never ever seen before.....

An upholstered coffee table. Quite extraordinary in its apperance yet strangley tempting. (and of course perfect for the baby who is pulling herself up on everything and anything and is currently sporting a bruise on each temple...) 

 Here is a closer look in all its glory. Amazing.......even the fabric looks pretty good. I can's stop thinking about it. (the price...$80 bucks) 

And then there were these.

Hard to tell the scale, but they were pint sized (child size really) cane chairs. Nothing that a few coats with a white spray can couldn't fix instantly. Mini cane. 

I also found a pair of chinnoiserie figures,
and some left over vintage wallpaper, which when unfurled revealed..


Not that I would paper the whole darn house with it but still pretty eye catching. And just when I thought enough was enough, my foot caught on this beautiful vintage bed throw folded up on the floor. It was all greens and browns with a touch of lilac and really was a beauty.  

Now to those of you like me who don't live close to a big city will tell you that a car servicing day can be dangerous in more ways than one. Firstly, there is the expense of the actual service, which you can almost forget about since there are always more pressing things to deal with first. Then, comes the danger of being stuck somewhere, mostly in the shopping centre of said town whilst you wait for the man to ring to tell you your car is shiny bright and ready to be driven home. If you are an old hat at these long days, you learn to linger slowly in each shop dragging the time out and careflully selecting what you need, before paying for it and leaving it in the store to collect later. (lumbering shopping around only slows you down and there is only so much you can hang on a pram handle)   
Anyway, when the call finally comes and the courtesy car comes to pick you up, it is a mad dash to retrace your steps and collect all your bargains. Then, as you sheepishly pile the stash in to the car you constantly mutter about 'not getting out much' just so the collection man doesn't think you are a mad spender. (luckily by the time I had actually got home, the light had faded sufficiently enough for me to smuggle most if it in un -noticed.)
So, that was my car servicing day in a nutshell plus a few vintage finds too. 
What can I say........exhausting! I'll be back soon - promise. 

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Monday, July 16, 2012


Please contact me so I can send you tickets for the design seminar ASAP. 
That's you Jenny B and Jac Schoene. 

Now hop to it....congratulations. You will love.  
I am treating the rest of us to this pretty scene from my pinterest file. 

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Design Files inspiration!

Did you see this fabulous house on the Design Files this week? 
Go and have a look as it is just beautiful. The right amount of everything in my opinion and not too over done. Of course, Lucy always has great things on her blog so make sure you check it out regularly......

Here's a couple of other things that caught my eye yesterday too....

How to have
hair like Kate - yes please! 

Also, my favourite Baggu is now available in navy and white spots! 

Love these bags. 

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I am at it again.

Yes, you know what it is don't you?  Plotting and schemeing for my beach house.....its all in my mind at the moment, but when I saw this I had to share it with you. Now, as you know, I don't want marble and stone and flash furniture and fittings. I want old, revamped and collected. I think this picture of my new beach house sitting room (cough, cough....)  shows this to perfection. 

Don't you? 
I will also be using lashings of white paint to cover up all the imperfections. Think of it as a bit like  foundation for the doesn't quite hide all the imperfections and wrinkles but a little bit goes a long way! 

Whoops.....almost forgot, dont forget to enter the giveaway by leaving a comment which is open all week. 

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Giveaway time!

Exciting  - I know! I haven't had one for a long time so this is really a goodie. 
Here's a clue.....FURNITEX....DECORATION + DESIGN.......SEMINARS! guessed it! 
I have not 1 but 10 TICKETS to giveaway to
Chris Lefteri’s (UK) seminar The Importance of New Materials Seminar on Friday 20th July 2012 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Tickets are valued at $49.50 (inc GST) each.

Check out all the complete seminar series here .....there are some beauties. 

Chris’ seminar will capture how materials have evolved to become such an important part of design, culture and business over the last decade. Author of seven successful books on the subject of materials and interior design, Chris will discuss the importance of considering materials right from the beginning of a project when developing innovative solutions.

Oh, and to keep up to date on all things hip and happening, you can like their FB page here!

So, seriously, if you are planning on being in Melbourne between the 19 - 22 July and going to D+D and are keen to attend a seminar (why wouldn't you? ) then all you have to do is leave a comment to go in to the draw to win a ticket. I will give them away in pairs so you can take a friend! 
So hop to's not often you get something for nothing now is it? 
See you there! 

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Monday, July 2, 2012


The noise level has adjusted in my house over the last few days....its school holidays, and it's raining cats and dogs. The tv is on in the sitting room and further down the hall I can hear the bang, bang, bang of a ball being bouced repeatedly against the wall. 
Don't worry, quite soon I will plead for my big son to go on to FB to give me some peace from the noise. At least that is a peaceful activity. (and you think I'm joking..!) I have a cold and a headache so am just maybe slighly more sensitive than usual. At least the baby is asleep. 

I am about 4 panadols away from getting my sense of humour back. 
So in the meantime, enjoy these dorm pictures while I go and suggest a few quieter activities to the brood.  

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