Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's in the stars.

I love Jonathon Adler's needlepoint cushions. They are such a bright fun 'cherry on top' kind of addition to any girls bedroom - especially for a teen. In fact, I have specified these a few times in the past and by all accounts everyone has been very happy! (how could you not with a  bit of JA in your home....?) 

I must admit they are on the pricey side, so I was delighted to find these today at only $18AUS. 

Not bad eh? 

Get yours here.

Also check out these other offerings too. 

I have to confess to buying cushions in for customers and just on selling them sometimes as the prices of some of these ready made ones are just too good! 
Don't you love it when a cushion or two can instantly improve a space? 

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Bathroom Butterfly!

I have pinned, filed and and schemed a lot of bathrooms in my time, but none of them ever, ever had a beautiful butterfly in the shower. 

Pretty cool isn't it? 
I must admit that my general bathroom mantra is subway tiles, traditional tapware and the odd piece of artwork or photo.  However, I am just loving this shower......would you ever want to get out? 

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer thoughts and a bargain!

Even though it raining outside today (which will make my trip with two large chairs to the upholsterers extra challenging....! ) my mind is firmly thinking about Summer and what it will hold. I am planning ahead in terms of how to spend our beach holiday and and what needs doing here before we go. I know mulching the garden is high on the list as there is nothing worse than coming back to a garden full of weeds. I spied this gem of a beach house over at Mona Ross Berman Interiors and couldn't help think that this would make the perfect holiday kitchen.

See that Bombay gin on the sink? That's a perfect end to a Summers day in my opinion....especially if you can have it on the beach!  I imagine this is the bar area, but will all the dine out options on holiday this space would suit me to perfection. I love the grasscloth too. I have some rolls here in my office patiently waiting for to go up. 

Anyway, as it is really Spring and not Summer quite yet I have been doing what the season dictates, yes - Spring cleaning. To my surprise ( and good luck for someone else ) I found all these cushions I had made for a fair last year. There are 15 altogther and I need them gone from here as I am heaving to the brim with extra cushions and fabrics and just can't accomodate all of them. So, peeps - make me an offer and they are yours! They would be perfect for a playroom or if you have a shop I am happy for you to on sell them.

Good luck! 


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Monday, September 10, 2012

Spring has sprung.....

....yes, I do believe it has. I say it with some trepidation thought as just when you think its time to open up the house and put away the woollens, know what happens.  Clouds appear,  the heavens open and the temperature drops. Anyway, for the  moment I can hear birds chirping and the chill in the air is not as bity so I am calling it SPRING. 

I am a busy as a little bee too............

...matching fabrics and wallpaper, working out curtain drops, co-ordinating trims and colour schemes.  I wish this picutre was from my own office, but alas it is not! ( thanks B&F ) It feels very much like what is going on here....but just....well....errr......a whole lot more orderly! 
(Oh yes, and to celebrate the arrival of Spring, my one year old ate her first garden snail.) 
OK, hopefully her first and only garden snail. 
: ) 

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