Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A bathroom Tile. (or Tale...) !

Ok, so I definitely have tiles on the mind. When I went searching for some interesting tiles to jazz up a clients existing sink area I went straight to Tiles by Kate for some inspiration and inspired I most certainly was......

I found this in the 'gallery' section showing their most recent work. 

Now if that was in my house, I would wallow for hours. No need for fancy taps, accessories, window dressings and artwork here......that tile work is the star of the stage! 

(Oh, and those two little clean faces? Adorable!)


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Heidi said...

Oh how funny - I happen to know those two little clean faces. It's a friend's house which had absolutely beautiful bathrooms that they renovated recently.... and have now sold (with the rest of the house) and are now moving on to do it all again.

supremebathrefinishing said...

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Wendy C said...

I would love to see your ebay finds.
I dream about so many things I see ( but don't buy) although I have had success with a few I've fallen for!
Would be a great post!!

Kelly Green said...

Hi Heidi, what a coincidence!!! Lucky you to have seen the bathroom and those cuties in person!! KG X

Fabrik ETC said...

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