Thursday, February 21, 2013

A crafty solution.

I have told you a million times about my lack of craftiness. I would love to be so, but it seems that patience and fine motor skills alude me when it comes to any sort of DIY. I have been putting together a teenage girls bedroom and would love for my clients to use some amazing otomi fabric like this, 


or this. 

Sadly, the budget doesn't stretch to such a large piece of fabric, and a small cushion is not going to do the room justice. 
So, enter this superb example of DIY...  

An otomi stencil. My client assures me she can do it and who am I to doubt her......we just have to pick a colour and work out if we go all 4 walls or just the one.  My fingers are itching to have a go but I must keep reminding myself of my limitations. 
The aptly named OMG Stencils have all sorts of patterns you could get excited by. 
Anyway, a good solution for all don't you think?

Maybe I could have just a little try......perhaps inside my wardrobe where no one would see it if I made a complete ?#$%@ of it!? 

: )   

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