Monday, February 18, 2013


Yes, I have finaly sat down to let you all know I haven't completely disappeared into a black hole. What on earth have I been doing all this time? Well, here's a little sample of life Kelly Green style. 

So it all started with a trip to the beach.........and that little snippet of luggage is only just that - a snippet! Honestly, by the time everything was crammed in to the car there was hardly any room for the holiday makers! 

This was our destination.....boy did I spend a lot of time on that deck, marvelling the at that view and just taking in the general beauty. I could sit there and have coffee whilst watching everyone frolic in the sea! 

The baby (cough, cough - but we still do have to call her that....) particularly loved it this year. 

My big daughter spent alot of time doing this.......

and this

which unfortunately led to this. 

So now, she is taking life a bit slower. 

I have been busy in the garden when it is not too hot. 

I am going to try this recipe today, cos just when you thought you were on top of all the zucchinis...

you see this! 

I bought this pretty piece in a clearing sale for home. 

My husband has been away so I had to drag it into situ myself. (and no it is not 'styled' is just as I left it in haste on Friday afternoon after it was delivered) 

I also bought these fun cushions which make sitting on the floor so much more comfortable for big and small people - and they are blue, of course!

My ticking chairs got their cushions too. 

My big boy is away at boarding school and this time we can only communicate with letters. It is hard, there's no denying that and I was so excited to get a letter from him ( was only a paragraph....) spelling mistakes and all.  He had stuck these little smiley faces on it to show that all was well and of course they were immediately torn off.....

and then eaten. : ) 

I have found the best app if youare like me and have literally hundreds of photos on your phone. 
Well, now you can send them as postcards. 

It is BRILLIANT I tell you.......just the bees knees! Go to the link below and get started

I have been sending these at least twice a week to my son, showing him what we are all up to. You can even send overseas!!! Australia Post, you should advertise this 'cos I think no one knows about it!!!! 
It is especially handy for mothers like me who cannot text or email their children when they are away!
The app is free and the postcard is sent straight from your phone! I LOVE IT!   

If you thought I was just busy at the beach, cooking, gardening, tending to my children, buying furniture and accessories and googling cool apps well you would be mistaken. 
I am still working....

Sourcing bed covers.....
 and bedlinen

delivering goodies like bed valances 

and cushions, 

and waiting for rods to turn up so I can arrange installation. 

There you have it. 

: ) 

Happy days. 


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Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

what a gorgeous round up - YOU HAVE BEEN BUSY!!! xxxx

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