Monday, April 22, 2013

It's here.

Well, that may be just a slight exaggeration as the rain we have all been waiting for hasn't really shown itself in full force. We've had a bit of drizzle -  just enought to dampen down the dust and give everything a grey wintery hue. I have the fires lit anyway, 'cos without the natural glow of an open fire this house just has no ambience on a day liket today. 
And what was my first thought after lighting the fires? Colour - yes, thats right! I need to add a bit of colour into the sitting room to prepare it for a long dull winter. 

I was inspired by this.........

and this......

I think that Moroccan Baboosh slippers would be rather uncomfortalbe to lean back on on a sofa so I will research the cushion option instead.      

Here's a selection of cushions I may or may not have ordered to chase away the Winter blues! 

; ) 

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1 comment:

TINA KENT said...

oh I totally love the green couch image! sometimes new cushions make all the difference! lovT

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