Bali is one of the hottest destinations with an incredible interior and garden design, the chicest resort and villas, the coziest cafes and fantastic homewares and furniture shopping. A week long stay at a beautiful Indonesian resort sounds good, but looking at the price costs a lifetime. For a fraction of the cost of an all-inclusive stay at an Indonesian resort, why not redecorate your home in a Bali Style?

Bali, as we all know, is a small island in the province of Indonesia. It is renowned for its diversified and sophisticated form of arts, Bali has been considered in the top list of  The Best Island Destinations in the World.

Indian and Chinese cultures have influenced the Balinese, that is why Asian decorations are common in a Bali designed home. Working in this decorating project has made easier since most of the Asian decorations are available in most furnishing stores.

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A mixture of rich texture from nature is seen in the Bali designed homes and has become the forefront of this decorating style, may it be mahogany, teak, leather, cane, bamboo and grasses. Not to mention, the palms can be seen everywhere in Bali, might as well embrace them and include them into your decorating style.


Patio and dining furniture in Bali are synonymous. They bring the outdoor aura by setting up a mahogany or teak table and chair set. With an accent of bamboo place mats and fresh tropical flowers as a centerpiece. The Orchids and Bird of Paradise flowers can provide the island vacation vibrations around since these are the indigenous flowers of Indonesia.


The canopy is one of the considered styles in their bedroom. Balinese home uses a crisp white linen as beddings, a netting is then hung from canopies or descends from the ceiling. The netting hung from the canopy serves a purpose, it adds a touch of romance to your bedroom. But the function of the netting is to keep the insects away if you chose to leave the windows open and let the breeze soothe you to sleep. Tie the netting back at each corner of the bed to keep you from tripping over.


Bathrooms have been the most luxurious in a Bali designed home. Teak is the common wood used due to its high oil content and the ability to repel water.

Impress your guests by recreating this vibration in your home. Fill the tub halfway with water and toss in a handful of flower petals, add a few orchids to complete the vibration of a luxurious bath. Roll white bath towels and leave them on the countertop or in a basket.