Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Some cushions.

So, my sister pointed out that my last blog post was on the 16th May!!! What's my excuse? Nothing really but life and work itself, oh, and perhaps a very busy toddler who has managed to kill our goldfish, draw on my good shoes and in the process ruin them and squeeze every tube she comes into contact with until it is satisfyingly empty. ( and that's just on one week....) 
I did take delivery of some cushions for a lovely client today however so in an attempt to win you back and apologize for my absence, I thought I would share them with you. 

They cheer me no end. 
They are bright and beautiful and will look fantastic in situ. I can't wait to deliver them this week. 
Sorry if I have made my toddler out to be some sort possessed child, she really does make us laugh but I could do with a bit less of the associated mess.  ; ) 

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Heidi said...

Oh dear, my middle one was like that as a toddler - destructive (and curious... a bad combination). Love the cushions, and am sure your client will too... but how sad they're not staying with you! x

Unknown said...

Gorgeous colours! Love the rasberry red.

Kelly Green said...

Thanks Heidi - i have 2 others (same recipe) that didnt do any of the above. Must be lucky third child! I am tempted to order more cushions after the sneaky shot i took of them on my sofa! Meant to say how much I love your blog btw - love how your house is taking shape, very clever! KG X

john devis said...

The cushions are so cool! Love it! Specially the maroon.
Los Angeles Interior Designer

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