Common Types Of Window Blinds And Shades

You may have noticed that heat and light from the sun may have made the interior of your house or office quite hot. To eliminate this, you can install stylish window blinds and shades for a better heat and light control to your indoors.

Windows not only provide good aesthetics and bigger space to the interior. They also improve the room by letting sunlight and air into it. However, there can also be a time in a day or even seasons when the sun can be too hot and the wind, humid. In these times, heat and light coverings for windows installed are important.

stylish window blinds and shades

Cover Your Indoors From Direct Sunlight

Too much heat can cause sweating and discomfort. Even if we have air conditioners. the harsh heat can still strike the skin. Moreover, the sun also emits ultraviolet or UV rays which, when too much exposure, can be harmful to the skin.

If you are looking for window blinds and shades for your home or office, below are some of the most common coverings for windows that you can buy:


Stylish Window Blinds And Shades

  1. Aluminum Blinds

One of the most common heat and light coverings for windows are the aluminum blinds. They can help you control how much light can pass through your interior. You can adjust the slats to cover your windows while still letting some light pass through your room and pull the rail up or down to uncover or cover your indoors from direct sunlight.

  1. Pleated Shades

These kinds of window coverings somehow look like the aluminum and Venetian blinds. However, these are made of cloth. Moreover, the slats are fixed, but you can fold the rails down to cover your window or up to let the sunlight in.

  1. Roller Solar Shades

These are commonly used in long glass windows and open spaces. Aside from providing shade to the interior, it also filters the UV rays that come from the sun. Although the common mechanism of this covering is by pulling to roll up or down, there are also designs that let you move the shade sidewards.

  1. Vertical Blinds

The vertical blinds are stylish window blinds and shades that have almost the same mechanics as the aluminum blinds. However, they are designed vertically. Moreover, they also have larger slats, and are more commonly used on patio doors and other large windows that are from ceiling to floor.

  1. Exterior Shades

Exterior shades, as the name says, are usually used in the exterior to protect the indoors. The exterior shade help reduce the interior temperature by blocking the heat that comes from the sun. They are usually installed outside on huge glass windows, or to block the sun on balconies and gazebos.

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Buy Quality Heat And Light Coverings For Windows

Protect your skin and your entire home interior from the harsh rays of the sun during the hot seasons. Cover your indoors from direct sunlight and buy great quality window covering today.